Cards’ future

Despite a tendency for people to send greetings by email, most of us still receive quite a supply of cards, not only at Christmas and Easter, but for birthdays, get well, thank you or just pretty picture post cards.  I imagine that, like us, you can find space on a windowsill – we have a spacious one – or mantelpiece – we don’t have one – and leave them there to enjoy for a little while, but then what?  Some people, who are good at that sort of thing, may be able to alter them for reuse, while otherwise we probably recycle them if we are concerned about the environment.  But we have come up with something completely different: we have found a large envelope and stuff our favourites inside it and after a while we begin to take them out one by one, day by day.  It is amazing how often we find ourselves looking at them properly for the first time.  Then, when we have enjoyed the picture, the cause, if it supports one, the printed and/or written message, all this enables us to remember the person or persons who have sent it, and, perhaps, the last occasion when we met.  This can become a prayer for that person and we have a ready-made subject for prayer for up to 365 days of the year (we are bound to forget to look at one or two or are too busy to do it that day).  Sometimes this reminds us that we need to communicate with that person, having perhaps recently lost touch with them, so we can give them a ring, send an email or even send a card back.  Once we have made a thorough scrutiny of the card and maybe found something really surprising, like a beautiful Christmas card designed by Eric Gill which celebrates the fact that it was animals who first gave praise to our Saviour, we then have another envelope where it can go into store and be brought out again at a much later date, unless we decide that that particular card has had its day and can be disposed of.  If you have a special time of day when you pray for other people, that is the ideal time to do it.  We would love to hear if any of you is doing it already or would like to have a go.


About lifestylertony

Married to Judith, two daughters, Susanna and Jessica, three grandchildren, Thomas, Harriet, twins aged 13 and Joel aged 9. Susanna is married to Jim and lives in Brighton. Jessica i married to Simon and lives in Birmingham. We live in Oundle. Recently started OTT, Oundle Transition Town. Chair of Lifestyle Movement. Invved with Little Gidding. Helped to found community there in 1973. Cooordinates Companions of Little Gidding.Wife Judith secretary of Friends of Little Gidding and founder of T.S.Eliot anuual festival.
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